Home Grant $$

$5,000 Home Grant Program

Research shows that one of the largest barriers to homeownership are the funds needed for down payment and closing costs. In the recent past, a seller was willing to help a buyer with closing costs. Today’s competitive environment has put the seller in the drivers seat and they no longer have to pay the buyer’s closing costs to quickly sell their home.

The Home Grant Program was created to help counter this current environment by financially assisting homebuyers of residential property with a portion of these costs.

Any approved client of the Home Grant Program who purchases residential property in Washington state with a net purchase price between $300,000 - $499,999 will receive a grant at closing equal to $3,000 and will be applied toward your closing costs. Purchase any residential property with a net purchase price of $500,000 or more; receive a grant at closing equal to $5,000 applied toward your closing costs.

Funds are limited, to secure your grant, download the Home Grant Certificate.

Then call us at 425-270-5100 to get pre-approved for a home loan and we'll get you on the path to home ownership.